Transaction processing fees have risen amid increased activity by holders Bitcoin Pro of the first cryptocurrency. This is due to the Bitcoin’s price renewing an all-time high of $22,800.

Since December 13, bitcoin network fees have more than quadrupled to the current value of $11.9. The increase in transaction processing fees comes amid increased activity by holders of the first cryptocurrency, according to BitInfoCharts. On December 18, the number of unconfirmed transactions almost reached 140,000, the second highest since early 2020.

This came amid a rally in the exchange rate of the first cryptocurrency. On December 17, it reached $23,800 for the first time in history. The value of the asset rose by 30% in 6 days. The growth accelerated after overcoming the historical maximum of $20k.

As of December 18, 14:10 Moscow time zone, the rate of bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance was $22.8 thousand. According to Coinmarketcap, the daily trading volume of the asset is $65.1bn, with BTC’s capitalisation at $429bn.

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