• InterFi, blockchain security auditors recently published a report regarding the Bad Idea AI chatbot, an official partner of SHIB Token. The associated memecoin $BAD reached 3,800 holders on Ethereum.
• Bad Idea AI’s native cryptocurrency, $BAD, has gained traction among crypto personalities on Twitter and can be traded on ShibaSwap and Uniswap exchanges. It was recently listed by BitMart exchange and is currently tracked by CoinGecko price aggregator.
• The audit by InterFi deemed the Bad Idea AI safe to use with no critical issues in its solidity code. This serves as a massive advantage when crypto scams are on the rise.

Shiba Inu Partners With Bad Idea AI

Shiba Inu announced a partnership with Bad Idea AI a few days ago, introducing their memecoin $BAD to Ethereum holders. The native cryptocurrency of Bad Idea AI has gained traction among crypto personalities like Shytoshi Kusama and Lucie from SHIB Marketing team.

Security Audit Confirms Safety

InterFi blockchain security auditors conducted a scrupulous security audit for Bad Idea AI chatbot and published their findings in a report. Both manual code review and automated analysis were done to check for centralized exploits and smart contract vulnerabilities in solidity codes. According to the results there were no critical issues found in the codes which makes it safe to use despite recent increase in crypto scams activity.

On-Chain Metrics & Exchange Listings

The maximum supply of BAD tokens is capped at 831 billion while 504 billion are already circulating on the market. The token can be traded on both ShibaSwap and Uniswap exchanges, where 98% of trading volume is concentrated as of now. Furthermore, two days after CoinGecko started tracking it BitMart exchange listed BAD coin as well which currently resides at 696th position by global market cap .

Price Boost After Audit Conclusion

At press time the price of $BAD stands at 0.000000037640 with an 8,6% upswing since its listing on BitMart exchange two days ago thanks to its fresh off the boat status in addition to concluding audit results from InterFi that deemed it safe from exploitation or other vulnerabilities .

Conclusion: More Opportunities Ahead

With all these positive developments around $BAD token it looks like more opportunities are ahead for this ambitious combination of DAOs, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence behind it all that earned trust from not only Shiba Inu community but also major players in cryptocurrency space such as CoinGecko , Uniswap , Bitmart and others .

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