Boris Vian
The Dead All Have the Same Skin book cover
The Dead All Have the Same Skin
I Spit on Your Graves book cover
I Spit on Your Graves
Foam of the Daze book cover
Foam of the Daze
Autumn in Peking book cover
Autumn in Peking
Manual of Saint Germain-Des-Pres book cover
Manual of Saint-Germain-Des-Prés

Boris Vian, who passed away in 1959, lives on in the TamTam Books' ideal world where personality, wit, great writing, and a man who embraced the 'pop' culture of his time and place (Saint Germain des Pres, Paris) is the supreme ruler. Sadly in a world where one has to compromise to eat and enjoy just the basic comforts, in this context, Vian's work is so much more powerful and meaningful.

The concept and enjoyment of youth, jazz, dark nightclubs, bent-up paperbacks that fit in your back pocket, alcohol, the pleasure of sexual encounters, the first sting of love, the beauty of destruction, the sensual pleasure of reading a text and holding a book. These are the things that made me love Boris Vian.

The playfulness of his language and the wit of his narratives are something that got me started in publishing.

So it is with great pleasure that TamTam Books are focusing a lot of their attention on the works of this 20th Century genius. More titles will follow!